Reverse logistics are a large part of any business that handle physical product. NETXUSA supports solutions that will provide our customers with the most efficient and secure way of returning, replacing or repairing the large amount devices that flow in and out of a warehouse.

Advanced Replacement

Most items sold by NETXUSA are eligible to participate in our Advanced Replacement program. Under the NETXUSA Advanced Replacement Program, should an item stop functioning properly during the warranty period, NETXUSA will ship a replacement product in advance of receiving the faulty one. Optionally, the replacement item shipped can include all the necessary packing material and a return label, allowing the customer to easily return the malfunctioning device when the replacement arrives. This additional service boosts return rates and improves RMA turnaround times.


NETXUSA has a Return for Credit program for items still under warranty. If you need to return a non-defective item (incorrect product ordered, service cancellation or disconnect, or product does not work with the customer's application), we will issue a credit upon receipt and test of the item.


NETXUSA consignment services provide partners with methods to outsource the management of assets normally maintained within a partner's warehouse or through other third party organizations. For example, a partner has a device that has been returned after a rental but still wants to retain the device. NETXUSA receives the device, cleans, resets, and restocks it in our warehouse under consignment. This solution enables the partner to retain assets and employ the same services used for products that are currently sourced directly from NETXUSA. This convenient service allows our partners to simplify their deployment and maintenance procedures for CPE used in hosted services.

Reclamation Kits

Recovering defective or unwanted equipment from end users can sometimes be frustrating. To help with this process NETXUSA can supply reclamation kits. Each kit ships with all the required packing material and labels that the end user would need to quickly and easily return any unwanted hardware back to NETXUSA. Providing reclamation kits has proven to decrease the time defective equipment is in the field and increase the chances the hardware is even returned at all.

Device Disposal

Determining how to handle the disposal of telephony equipment can be a daunting task for any organization. Beyond internal sustainability policies, there are an increasing number of government policies and regulations around the disposal of these devices. With NETXUSA's Return for Destruction service, we take care of everything. This service incudes proper disposal of any and all network equipment or devices returned to NETXUSA by our partners. Once completed, we provide a certificate of destruction to the partner for their records.