RESTful API Webservices

NETXUSA offers RESTful API Webservices for partners who utilize our provisioning services to streamline the deployment process of their hosted service offerings. Our XML based, best-in-class API allows partners to automate processes including but not limited to: order placement, provisioning / device configurations, inventory tracking, lead times, pricing, shipping quotes, RMA requests, return label generation, configuration files for provisioned devices, tracking and much more.

Partners can integrate their custom web sites and internal systems with the NETXUSA RESTful API leading to faster order fulfillment and complete control over their customer's experience.

Ideal candidates for API Integration include partners who:

  • Requirements for end to end automation, removing any need for swivel chair data entry
  • Direct integrations into softswitches or other back office systems
  • Require real time data visibility for end customers or internal users for various transactions
  • Want to increase scalability

Available API options:

  • Retrieve Product Details
  • Device Template Settings and provisioning information per device
  • Retrieve Device files
  • Order Creation
  • Generate Shipping Quotes
  • Retrieving Order Data
  • Holding and Releasing of Shipments
  • Employee / Website Logins
  • Create Support Tickets
  • Modify Support Tickets
  • Retrieve Support Data
  • Process RMA
  • Process Advance Replacements
  • Create Replacement Orders
  • Purchase Return Labels
  • Retrieve Return Labels
  • Generate Replacement Quotes
  • Retrieve RMA Testing Results

Technical Information:

  • Simple and consistent XML structures
  • Works with any programming language that can send/receive HTTP.
  • Supports polling or event driven communication (server side notifications)
  • Supports almost all order entry options (payment, split shipping, shipping services)
  • Documented response codes and example documentation