CPE Life Cycle Services
NETXUSA is a value added CPE distributor that provides process automation and outsourcing of CPE life cycle management to service providers and resellers who deploy managed cloud services to businesses in North America.
CSS - Certify, Provision, Brand, Deploy, Maintain
CERTIFY - CPE certification on service provider infrastructure, integration consulting and development.
PROVISION - Device template management, firmware application, automated configuration and device testing.
BRAND - Collateral and custom branding material printing, warehousing and application to deployments.
DEPLOY - Automated deployment of CPE for managed services with B2B APIs.
MAINTAIN - Reverse logistics management, replacements, reclamation kits and device refurbishment.

NETXUSA implements its logistics and services very differently than most distributors by systematically automating the supply chain and providing absolute visibility to process. This provides NETXUSA's partners the ability to rapidly and accurately scale to meet the demands of an ever-changing telecommunications market.

NETXUSA's services are paired with the industry's best CPE solutions from manufacturers includung Adtran, Cisco, Edgewater, Panasonic, Polycom, Yealink and more. Additional services to compliment our full suite of CPE life cycle solutions include:

  • 24/7 pre-sale and post-sale technical support
  • Custom demo kit creation and management
  • Asset management and consignment services
  • Custom reporting and data mining
  • White label and reseller channel management
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