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NETXUSA Configuration Services

NETXUSA develops and maintains a universal provisioning platform system that our partners utilize to ensure that products deployed to their customer sites are plug-n-play and tested based on their requirements. The universal provisioning platform consists of support for all device settings for particular products and includes loading firmware/boot ROMs to applicable devices. For a device or devices to be offered via this platform, a certification process must be completed.

Device Template Certification
Device Template Certification is a formalized workflow that provides many benefits to our partners utilizing Device Templates for orders requiring provisioning for a plug-n-play deployment. Benefits of this service include a step-by-step process that includes service provider input to ensure the most optimal configuration settings and firmware versions. This results in improved quality assurance and shorter shipping times since only certified configurations may be applied to orders.
NETXUSA works closely with our manufactures to maintain a library of currently certified firmware versions. As each new version is released it is reviewed, tested and then made active within our website. As older firmware versions become obsolete they are retired, ensuring that only the relevant versions are available to our partners.
Extension Validation
NETXUSA's Extension Validation is a provisioning service option available to service providers, allowing full configuration and staging of their devices. Each device is tested using its MAC and/or serial information on the customer hosted voice solution before an order ships. When the end-user receives the phones, they are plug-n-play ready with the user's name and extension.
Asset Tags
Asset tagging or labeling simplifies the organization of devices for an install or provides a straight-forward method to match devices to specific users for drop-shipped requests. Asset tagging information may consist of a customer's name, DID, extension information, as well as any custom information that me be required for a quick efficient installation. Asset tags (labels) are offered as a free service when combined with NETXUSA' s universal provisioning services.
"Just in Time Fulfillment"
"Just in time Fulfillment" eliminates the upfront costs of service providers including warehouse space and demand projection. Utilizing NETXUSA's automated process for order fulfillment, our customers need only to place their order via the website or API and with-in a matter of days the equipment is delivered, fully tested and ready for use. Including easy to follow installation documentation can remove the requirement of a "truck roll" deployment.
Full Configuration Options
Once a device has been certified within the NETXUSA provisioning platform, service providers have the ability to set all configuration values available for a particular product. These Device templates can be created and applied to all device types including but not limited to:IP phones, analog adapters, gateways, IADs, routers, SBCs and network switches. An unlimited number of unique device configurations can be managed and deployed via the NETXUSA website.
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